The importance of proper transportation in the modern world

Trading is a way to expand your business as much as possible, but once you have sold or bought a good, you need to look for proper transportation. If you want customer satisfaction, you need to send their goods as quickly as possible, and transportation is a major part of this process. Therefore, choosing a suitable method is also vital because choosing the wrong method will press a lot of unwanted costs on you. Have you ever asked yourself what the benefits of proper transportation are?

What is transportation?

Transportation means the transfer of a passenger or goods between two destinations. These two destinations may be connected to each other by land, sea, or air. Transportation and distribution play an important role. Companies need to choose the right method to ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their packages. Several factors influence a company’s decision about the type of shipping. These factors can be business needs, destinations, and types of goods.

First, companies should consider all parts of their business and know what requires to be distributed, including the weight, size, and kind of goods. For example, speed is very important for transporting food or fruit, and choosing the shortest and fastest route is essential. The cost is another very crucial element and depends on the parties of the transaction. Destination, rules, the value of goods, and risks are other elements that need to be considered. So you have to evaluate the quality, cost, time, and conditions to choose your proper method. Now we need to look at the process and benefits of each method.

Air Freight

Air Freight

Airfreight or transport offers countless benefits depending on your condition. By using this method, you can:

  • Deliver goods quickly over long distances
  • Provide high security for sensitive goods
  • Applicable it for a wide range of products.

However, this method, like any other method, has risks and disadvantages. These disadvantages are as follows:

Airfreight or transport can cost more than other options and is not suitable for all goods.

  • Flights are subject to delay or cancellation
  • At each airport, you must pay a tax
  • The additional cost of fuel is usually added to the cost
  • Another method from the airport to the final destination may be required

Sea Transport

by sea

By sea

Now you may be wondering what the best way to transport heavy goods is? If your business needs to ship large quantities of goods, but there is no pressure for fast delivery, shipping by sea may be appropriate. This method has many advantages. The advantages of using this method are as follows:

  • You are able to send large volumes at a low cost
  • Very high safety

Given that each method of transportation has its disadvantages and risks, we will mention some of them below.

  • Sea transport can be slower than other methods, and bad weather can cause more delays.
  • Routes and schedules are usually not flexible
  • It’s hard to trace the progress of goods
  • Port taxes may be high

Road Transport

Road Transport
Road Transport

What is the best way of transporting goods in short distances? We have to say that using the road for short-distance transportation is the best option because it is not very expensive and it’s absolutely time-saving. Road transport can be the most flexible option for many businesses. This method is generally considered fast and very efficient.

The benefits of road transport are as follows:

  • Low cost
  • You are able to use extensive road networks
  • It is feasible to plan ahead and track the location of products
  • It’s safe

The disadvantages and risks of road transport are as follows:

  • There may be delays due to traffic and vehicle breakdowns
  • There is a possibility of damage to your goods, especially over long distances
  • Paying tolls

Rail Transport

By rail

If you are thinking of an inexpensive method and can not use the previous methods, you should go for Rail transport. Rail transportation is an economical and practical way to move goods and offers many benefits.

Disadvantages of rail transport:

  • The trains timeline is usually not flexible
  • This method can be more expensive than transporting by road
  • Mechanical failure of the train or industrial development of the rail system may cause delay

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