Different types of trucks for road transport

Trucks are considered as one of the primary means of transport. In this type of transportation, we ship goods and products by truck. Transporting with trucks is actually a bridge between producer and consumer. Until the early nineteenth century, trucks played a very important role in helping countries develop economically through the equitable distribution of wealth and jobs between cities and villages.

Important points you need to know about a freight forwarder

A freight forwarder is a company that will handle your Freight forwarding for you. Freight forwarding is the most common way to use international transportation for both personal and commercial use. Freight forwarding companies transport goods from one point to another by sea, air, road, and rail. The whole process may seem complex, especially if you are unfamiliar with this style of sending.

Road Transport Iran

Road transport, the most cost-effective way of transporting goods

Road Transport

Road transport refers to a type of land transportation in which transportation is done by road and with different vehicles. As its name implies, road transportation refers to a type of transportation in which we use roads, and the vehicles we use are mostly trucks, Lorries, and other huge vehicles. Of course, road transportation can be done with other vehicles, but we mostly use huge vehicles in this type of transportation.

Logistics and its types


Logistics is a concept that we can clearly see in people’s daily lives these days. The term is defined in a simple definition as “management of the process of collecting, storing and transferring resources (or goods) from the point of origin to the destination.” In fact, logistics is the part of the supply chain that is responsible for moving a shipment and delivering it to the final recipient.

Transit of goods from Europe to Iran and vice versa

Transit means the act of transferring non-customs goods from one particular customs to another, under customs direct supervision. Transit of goods is a cost-effective choice for countries that are unable or incapable of producing certain goods. In simpler terms, transit refers to the delivery of goods or other items that have been sent by the seller but have not yet reached the buyer and are on their way.